The total cost of the 6 week Flyball training course is only $125.00. 


The ultimate goal of The Barkinn Bandits Flyball club is to develop each dog and handler to the peak of their ability, as they become reliable teammates and part of our cohesive,  fun Flyball team!  

Our team will participate with the novice dogs/handlers in our training curriculum, in this way, the novice handlers are able to learn and understand the applications of the techniques being taught.

We look forward to hearing from you

  No prior Flyball experience is necessary.

Because this is a team sport, all dogs must be non-aggressive, have basic obedience skills (comes when called) and be current on all 3 annual vaccinations (Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper).

Dogs should be at least 6 months old to begin training. For safety reasons, dogs under 1 year old will NOT do any hurdle jumping. For these young participants we will cover ground exercises, recall drills, and introduction to equipment.

    The Barkinn Bandits

       Practice and classes are held on Sundays


Preparing for class;

* Please Bring a crate

* Plenty of water

* A fold up chair

* Wear Tennis shoes * you will  be running too :)

* Bring your dog's favorite      motivator .....ex; Tug, Ball, Toy

* Training treats if needed

The Basic Flyball training course outline is as follows;

* Introduction to the Jumps

* Introduction to the spring loaded Box that releases 

  a tennis ball.

* Teaching dogs how to jump the 4 hurdles in succession.

* Strengthen your dog's recall (come here)

* Build drive and excitement for the game.

* Individualized training tips to develop successful skills. 

 * How to line up for racing.

* Teaching handlers how to operate and use each

   piece of equipment.

* Teach handlers the expectations of the team during a   tournament. 

* Teach speed passing drills.

* Learn to perform a flyball run.